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Transformational universal air handler platform

The Energy Wall energy recovery air handling unit platform is unique in the HVAC Industry. Constructed of a molded lightweight polymer, 600 cfm “building block” modules are combined to achieve incremental capacity up to 6000 cfm. Combined air handler assemblies operate as a system, with single point of power and control. 

The construction methodology results in a compact air handler design that is 1/3rd the size and weight of competitive offerings. The design offers considerable advantages in terms of installation logistics and cost. A single unit weighs just 90 pounds and can be hand-carried to the installation location, eliminating the need for costly crane rental and associated permitting. Additionally, required structural reinforcement of the installation site is significantly reduced. The value of this platform, along with our leading heat transfer performance, is driving an increasing number of engineers, contractors and building owners to choose Energy Wall over the competition.