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The Classroom

Ventilation retrofit at your school? Energy Wall FITS anywhere! Our patented, compact, lightweight ERV is ONE-THIRD the size and weight of other systems, and FITS where others can’t. School districts turn to Energy Wall for efficiency and reduced installation costs.
  • FITS every school and every use
  • FITS any space, interior or exterior
  • FITS without a crane with a lightweight design
  • FITS budgets and exceeds efficiency guidelines


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Application Driver: Improve Indoor Air Quality for Students and Teachers 

 The American Society of Heating Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) guidelines call for a minimum of 6 Air Changes per Hour (ACH) for classroom ventilation. With that increase in ventilation air, required heating capacity could double or triple. School districts are turning to Energy Wall to add the benefit of increased ventilation without increasing the heating capacity of their HVAC systems.

Classroom Ventilation With Energy Recovery