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Energy Wall’s Universal ERV™

Your fastest path to better ventilation in public settings

For so long, it was easy to take our public indoor settings for granted as “safe havens”—places to find shelter and protection from harsh external elements… places to roll up your sleeves, focus, and do great work… places to learn and grow… places to gather with your favorite people and enjoy great meals and good times.

Recent events changed that, but we’re on the way back .. and moving beyond. Working together, our ingenuity is helping us get there sooner.

Not long ago, perhaps the “status quo” of ventilation systems seemed just fine. But now, the air we breathe indoors matters much more than ever.

Stale, recirculating indoor air can build viral loads, harbor other harmful microbes, and accumulate high CO2 levels that reduce well-being and productivity. Give your building a big REFRESH while reducing disease risk with Universal ERVTM.

Energy Wall’s Universal ERVTM solution is:

  • Highly efficient
  • Compact
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to install

Other benefits:

  • Modular units refresh indoor air while reducing costs
  • Systems deliver continuous infusions of oxygen-rich air while maintaining comfortable temperature and humidity
  • Innovative antimicrobial membrane destroys a high proportion of pathogens
  • Supports better overall well-being and a productive-friendly environment

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