U-ERV 1200 Series​

U-ERV 1200 Standard Features Industry Standard Comparison
Airflow Range: 0 to 1500 CFM [1200 Rated] Fully Variable ECM Remote Fan Modulation
Dimensions: 54” L X 32” D X 24” Height 1/3 Size of Comparable Units (12” Height per module)
Ultra Lightweight: 184 lbs 92 lbs. per module for transport, 18.5 lb per fan cube. 258 lb. total unit weight.
AHRI 1060 Tested Core: EWT-11-42 Counterflow plate-type, heat and humidity transfer
HWT-11-42 Counterflow plate-type, heat-only transfer or condensing wrap-around application
Sensible Efficiency: 73% @ 1200 SCFM Up to 90% Possible
Latent Efficiency: 63% @ 1200 SCFM Up to 70% Possible
Total Efficiency: 69% @ 1200 SCFM Up to 80% Possible
Exhaust Air Transfer: Zero Good for Bathroom Exhaust, Laboratories, Hospitals
Minimal Maintenance: Filters @ 3-6 months Total qty. 4, MERV 11: 5.00” x 40.5“ x 2.0” (Nominal)
Stack Multiple Modules: Vertical or Horizontal Patented design – a single duct will connect to multiple U-ERVs
Fan Motors: ECM Variable Airflow adjustability & balancing with mechanical turn potentiometers
Remote Variable Airflow adjustability via 0-10V signal
Salt / Ceramic Proven highly antimicrobial without the addition of additives.  Actively kills bacteria flowing with both airstreams.
Non-Fused Disconnect: UL98 Rated Lowers Installed Cost – Defeatable Lockout For Safe Access
Application: Any Orientation Universal Compatibility for Bolt-on, Roof-top, Exterior or Interior Installation
Electrical Power: 208 – 230 AC 1 Phase VAC Input (50/60Hz)
Extreme Exterior Shell: Polypropylene Corrosion Proof, double wall construction
Nano-particle metal-oxide insulation


                                    External Static
                                    Pressure at 1200 SCFM                                                                                    Unit Data
Model Number Type


(in. w.g.)


(in. w.g.)

Module Weight

(lbs.) (ea.)

Fan Cube Weight

(lbs.) (ea.)

Total Unit Weight


Power 208 VAC


U-ERV 1200 Enthalpy 2.0 2.0 92 18.5 258 14.3 15.1 20