Energy Wall® Universal Dehumidifier™
The New Standard for Efficient Indoor Horticulture

An innovative product that uses a unique heat exchanger and dehumidification design.

Cooling and Dehumidification in One System: Dynamically control cold or dry    
Achieve Optimal Transpiration:
• Wrings Out Moisture
• 50% Less Energy
• 50% Less Equipment
• Patented Heat Exchanger
• Maintain Perfect Temperature and Humidity
• No Humidity Spikes
• Compact and Light
• For the Most Demanding Grower

How the Energy Wall® Universal Dehumidifier Works

1. Room air is pre-cooled through the heat exchanger to saturation

2. The cooling coil then dehumidifies the air most efficiently

3. When the canopy is small, cold air is delivered to the space using a bypass damper

4. At full canopy when transpiration demands the most room drying, air is delivered cool,
    AND dry through the Energy Wall ERV