The Energy Wall Universal ERV (U-ERV) is 3X smaller and 3X lighter than current technology and offers 70% total heat and moisture transfer efficiency. Build your required capacity using 600 cfm U-ERV modules. Each module weighs only 90 pounds for easy installation and is a fully functional/independent system.
Modules hand-carried and assembled on site operate with a single duct connection and single point of power/control, providing extreme redundancy for mission critical facilities. Silica-ceramic infused polypropylene construction is designed for use in all applications: indoor, rooftop, coastal, pool, and other corrosive exposure environments. This patented system uniquely operates in all six orientations and is compliant with UL 900 fire/smoke standards.  
Powered by the Energy Filter® integrated core, the U-ERV achieves 74% sensible, 64% latent and 70% total energy transfer according to AHRI 1060 standard. The Energy Wall U-ERV systems range from 600 to 6,000 CFM and are equipped with modulating ECM+ fans and economizer bypass and control.

Integrated Economizer By-Pass Option

Rotating damper function enables economizer function with no additional ducting required.

Energy Wall Advanced Recovery Membrane

Energy Wall™ has developed an advanced energy recovery membrane that actively transfers heat and moisture, while blocking particulates and many gaseous contaminants. This advanced membrane is among the most efficient known to man, and tested second in efficiency only to a membrane costing 20 times more.
Energy Wall’s system was tested by the Pennsylvania State University and found to kill up to 95% of microbes that come into contact with the Energy Wall™ membrane. Not only are microbes killed that try to cross through the membrane, but the exhaust and fresh air streams partially sterilized just by contacting the membrane as they move through the core.
  • Integrated Cooling Coil

    • Chilled water
    • DX integration with VRF AHU kits