Energy Wall™ has developed an advanced energy recovery membrane that actively transfers heat and moisture, while blocking particulates and many gaseous contaminants. This advanced membrane is among the most efficient known to man, and tested second in efficiency only to a membrane costing 20 times more.

Energy Wall's unique modular design permits it to be installed as single cores to replace other plate type exchangers, or to be stacked and used as a literal "energy transfer wall", fitting into air handlers in place of rotary wheels.

A Membrane on Steroids

Energy Wall™ starts with a specially formulated ceramic fiber paper, which is then processed into an air-tight thin membrane, capable of tremendous heat transfer between air streams, without cross-contamination.

This patented ceramic fiber membrane is then impregnated with Lithium Chloride (LiCl), which actively transports water molecules across the membrane. Each molecule of LiCl can attract up to 26 water molecules, making it one of the most powerful moisture transfer molecules known to man.

In the Energy Wall™ core, the membrane is continuously folded around a specially developed poly spacer, and bonded to create counter-flow air passages. Unlike other cores, which use air straightening, corrugated paper or plastic separators, Energy Wall's poly spacer creates air turbulence, which further enhances its efficiency.

A Membrane that Eats Microbes

Energy Wall's system was tested by the Pennsylvania State University and found to kill up to 95% of microbes that come into contact with the Energy Wall™ membrane. Not only are microbes killed that try to cross through the membrane, but the exhaust and fresh air streams partially sterilized just by contacting the membrane as they move through the core.

Some competitive membranes are treated with various substances to help prevent growth, but none of these substances actively kill microbes once they are actually growing on the membrane. In fact, the standard treatment for a contaminated membrane is to spray it with a salt solution, which is the very heart of Energy Wall's active moisture transport system.

Flexible Long-Life Core Design

Each Energy Wall™ core is actually one continous membrane and spacer, interwoven and bonded to create counter-flow air passages. Due to the special poly spacer, the core is actually "springy", and is held in place by the core's plastic housing. By controlling the compression of the core, Energy Wall™ is able to change the number of "plates" per inch by +-30%, making it possible to provide OEM customers with customized efficiencies, pressure drops, and air flows.

Typically, MERV 4 (or higher) filters are placed upstream of the Energy Wall™ system to remove larger dust particles. Smaller dust particles "float" on the surface of the Energy Wall™ membrane as, unlike other membranes that use selective porosity, the Energy Wall™ membrane has no pores to clog.

Energy Wall™ cores are tough and resilient, and will provide many years of reliable wervice. Energy Wall's products are covered by a 5 year limited warranty.

Flexible Modular Design

Energy Wall™ cores are manufactured with adaptable front and rear, interlocking manifolds, that permit the cores to be stacked modularly to virtually any width and height, and configured for straight or transverse air flow - creating a virtual "energy wall".

This modular capability, with integral air flow manifolds, makes Energy Wall™ the only plate type energy exchanger that can directly replace any rotary wheel, eliminating leaky seals and moving parts, while increasing efficiency and reliability.

The Energy Wall™ modular system can be assembled on site, or provided as a built-up system to be slid into an air handler, in the same way rotary wheels are installed.

Not only is Energy Wall™ an ideal OEM product, but it is also one of the most flexible retrofit designs ever created. With its anti-microbial protection, expensive special filters and UV sterilizer lamps can also be eliminated.

Energy Wall™ Advantages

  • High efficiency: 84% Sens./67% Lat./80% Total
  • Inherently anti-microbial and microbicidal
  • Replaces plate and rotary wheel exchangers
  • Cost comparable to rotary wheel technology
  • Integral manifolds - straight or transverse airflow
  • Freeze-proof down to -40°F, non-condensing 1
  • Heat-proof above 150°F
  • Strong tough membrane
  • Counter-flow core design
  • Flexibility to match any size, air flow pattern

1 Although Energy Wall™ has the widest range of temperature toleration, NO energy recovery products should be allowed to condense moisture for long periods.